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History of Work

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Max Ventures

New York, NY


Faces of 5G

New York, NY


Small Business Administration

Washington, D.C.

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New York City Economic Development Corporation

New York, NY


Obama for America

Chicago, IL


The White House

Washington, D.C.

Matthew Weinberg

Thanks for visiting,

I’m an early-stage venture investor and a former Obama appointee and government official who helped deliver public capital and support to the tech, startup, and venture ecosystems.  I'm avid writer and speaker, primarily on the intersection of technology and public policy and venture capital related issues. 


In addition to my “formal” professional background, I engage in consulting and volunteer work that spans diverse profiles of companies, projects and areas. Most of my independent work centers on helping startups navigate business challenges (venture fundraising, business strategy, hiring, and market analysis) and government challenges (navigating regulatory issues, building public private partnerships, and securing government funding). I also stay involved in civic work through my event series, Early Stage Politics, and sitting on non-profit boards.

Recent Projects:

esp esp.jfif

Early Stage Politics

Founded Early Stage Politics, a new event series to convene the venture capital and startup communities with early-career politicians running for public office.  


Faces of 5G
Executive Director

I lead Faces of 5G, an initiative aimed at educating leaders in the public and private sectors about the coming benefits of 5G technology.



Chief of Staff

Helped incubate DTC e-commerce startup and helped the company enter the market and grow revenue by leading initiatives across marketing, operations, and business development.

Recent Publications & Press:


Saving the Universal Service Fund: Time for big tech to pay up

The Hill

AUG 2022

Governments across Europe, North America, and Asia have been fiercely debating how to sustainably fund costly new digital infrastructure networks to ensure their populations enjoy widespread internet access and unlock the full potential of 5G connectivity.

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The Internet Will Help Us Get Through This Crisis… And The Next One


APR 2020

As our country’s in-person economy grinds to a halt, and most aspects of our daily lives are impacted by COVID-19, our greatest invention – the internet – will help steer us forward.

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Chicago is Poised to Help Shape the Future of 5G

FEB 2020

The possibilities, such as with any new transformative technology like the advent of the internet or smartphone, are only limited by our imaginations.

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