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Publications & Press

Below are press mentions of my work and op-eds I’ve written for numerous publications, most addressing the intersection of technology and public policy.


Saving the Universal Service Fund: Time for big tech to pay up


AUG 2022

Governments across Europe, North America, and Asia have been fiercely debating how to sustainably fund costly new digital infrastructure networks to ensure their populations enjoy widespread internet access and unlock the full potential of 5G connectivity.


Faces of 5G Focuses
on Innovators Driving the Next Generation
of Wireless Connectivity


OCT 2019

Faces of 5G showcases American entrepreneurs innovating with wireless technologies and how they are pioneering new businesses, transforming their communities, and empowering women, children, and minorities.


Faces of the 5G World: Dreamers and Innovators for the Common Good


MAY 2019

We are at the dawn of the fifth generation of wireless technology, and the horizon is seemingly limitless. 5G technological advances will usher in what Professor Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, sees as the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


South Korea's Instability Could Benefit Japan


NOV 2017

Japan has long been a country where culture and discipline heavily influence ideas and innovation. Home to some of the world's most recognizable brands — Toshiba, Sharp, Sony, Hitachi and Panasonic — Japan's technological prowess rose to global prominence by the manufacturing sector's ability to roll out products (televisions, telephones, video game consoles and everything "electronic" in between) that consumers worldwide had to have.


Smartphone Wars NorCal Homecoming - High Stakes for Tech


AUG 2017

We just passed the six-year mark in the seemingly endless “Smartphone Wars” between Apple and Samsung, which started in the Northern District of California in April of 2011.

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ITC Protection of IP Necessary for Continued Innovation


JAN 2017

The genius and creativity of American scientists and inventors has long kept the United States at the forefront of innovation and helped to drive U.S. economic success.


Futurism Is Now


JUL 2016

“The Future Toffler Saw Is Already Upon Us,” by Farhad Manjoo (State of the Art column, July 7), argues that futurism has “fallen out of favor” especially within the United States government. We disagree.

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The Internet Will Help Us Get Through This Crisis… And The Next One


APR 2020

As our country’s in-person economy grinds to a halt, and most aspects of our daily lives are impacted by COVID-19, our greatest invention – the internet – will help steer us forward.

Sweden Article.jpg

Sweden: Europe's Historic, Current and Future Innovation Hub


APR 2019

Over the last decade, Sweden has established itself as an innovation center, becoming well known across traditional tech circles as a hub of entrepreneurial activity.


Making Way for New Levels of American Innovation


AUG 2018

New fifth-generation “5G” network technology will equip the United States with a superior wireless platform, unlocking transformative economic potential.


A Pathway Toward
U.S. Smart Cities


OCT 2017

The evolution of connected technology and its impact on our society is truly amazing. From smartphones and tablets to thermostats and home appliances connected devices have begun to generate a seemingly endless stream of real-time data and information. This evolution, however, has barely just begun.

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New Tech Trade Associations will
have Big Role in
Future Tech Policy


MAY 2017

TechNet, a prominent Washington, D.C based tech advocacy group and self-proclaimed “Voice of the Innovation Economy” that counts Apple, Paypal, and Airbnb as members, recently voiced opposition to the Trump administration’s shameful updated executive order on immigration.

tech crunch 3.png

Tech and Government: The State of Our Union


SEP 2016

Technology innovators tend to operate with an ethos that they consider diametrically opposed to that of government, frequently leading to friction and adversarial attitudes. 

Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 4.34.14 PM.png

Chicago is Poised to Help Shape the Future of 5G


FEB 2020

The possibilities, such as with any new transformative technology like the advent of the internet or smartphone, are only limited by our imaginations.

Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 8.28.43 PM.png

5G Gains are Coming


JUN 2019

For the last few years, there has been a great deal of talk about 5G. Estimates about lightning fast speeds and transformative technologies were exciting but hard to conceptualize.

NYC MEDIA LAB Article.png

How Will AR Change Sports, Media, and Connected Cities?


MAR 2018

Verizon and RYOT sponsored a market research project to investigate the quantifiable impact of augmented reality technology as it stands today. 

samsung sony.jpg

Will Samsung
Become Sony 2.0?


AUG 2017

Steve Jobs once said that “innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” For the past few decades, one of Apple’s greatest competitors – Samsung – has embodied this truism by creating highly sought-after technology products and becoming one of the most successful companies in the world.


When Large Tech Companies Abuse the System, it Threatens Current and Future Innovation


APR 2017

It’s hard to believe that 10 years have passed since Apple unveiled the first iPhone. Though tough to fathom today, at one time the tech giant had just a handful of employees, used federal grants to fuel the company’s R&D and received capital from a government backed investment fund.


Your Federal Government Drives Innovation by Investing in Moonshots


JUL 2016

Imagine a future where “moonshots” are part of our everyday reality. In this future, shipping no longer uses environmentally damaging Styrofoam but instead an organic mushroom-based material.

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